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What Our Patients Are Saying


Excellent, kind and professional care, providing great relief to my back since 2013. I drive an hour away for this exceptional care. ~G.L.


I suffered with neck, shoulder pain and migraines for years. I missed many days of "living" life because of them. Dr. Bhat started treating my migraines with Botox and my cervical pain with Radio Frequency Ablation. I can’t believe how much my pain has been reduced, and my headaches went from 10-15 a month to maybe 3 a month. I have my life back! ~M.L.


Very impressed with services provided. Excellent standard of care. ~M.J.


Dr. Bhat is the absolute best. Keep doing what you are doing. Love you all! ~D.W.


Dr. Bhat - I am so very thankful that I have this spinal cord stimulator implant and that you helped me go through with getting it. I was so scared, but I'm so glad I got the implant. It has truly changed my life. I got married in May, and not only did I wear high heels all day, but I danced all night! We went kayaking, hiking and cliff-diving on our honeymoon in Hawaii, and I never would have done all of that without my implant. I work out all the time now, and I never miss work because of pain anymore. I don't even take any medication. We are also expecting a baby soon as well. I am forever grateful for all the help you gave me, and I feel like a new person now that I have this stimulator. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me get my life back!! ~J.B.


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