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Spine & Pain Associates, PLLC is a patient-centered clinic located in the Triangle/Sandhills region of North Carolina. You will personally meet with a highly experienced physician who will design your treatment plan and help you navigate the path to pain relief.


Personalized Treatment

Co-founders Dr. Dhaliwal and Dr. Bhat specialize in designing personalized treatment plans that alleviate pain and improve function. We identify your pain source and match it to the broad range of treatment options available from us and a network of affiliated specialists.

Notice the Difference

Our compassion to treat is demonstrated by providing ongoing, direct consultation with the doctor who designed your personalized treatment plan to discuss your progress. Every staff member shares our compassion for those in pain. You will notice the difference on all your visits!

What Our Patients Are Saying

Dr. Bhat - Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for taking care of me and leading me on my journey towards healing. I hope you know that you changed my life and I am full of the utmost gratitude. I will never forget you!

~ J.B

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  • Our office is monitoring the weather conditions due to Hurricane Dorian. As of today we are open and will remain open unless conditions become unsafe for our staff and patients. Our first priority is the safety of everyone and therefore https://ativanoral.com will continue to keep you posted on any closings that we may have. Of course, we will have one of our physician’s on-call 24/7 should an emergency arise. You may reach our office at (919) 292-2468. Please be safe!

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  • We are in-network with most private payors, and also Medicare, Medicaid, and Tricare. Please contact us with any questions about your specific plan.

  • To reach the On-Call Provider, please listen to the entire office voicemail greeting and choose the appropriate option. Thank you.

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