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Dr. Bhat - Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for taking care of me and leading me on my journey towards healing. I hope you know that you changed my life and I am full of the utmost gratitude. I will never forget you!

~ J.B

Dr. Dhaliwal - I feel very lucky to have been under your care. You are a one of a kind doctor! You genuinely care about your patients and your talent is superb. I hear countless wonderful comments about you from patients and I personally have experienced your great care. Thank you.

~ D.S.

This is a place of Love, Compassion, Hope, and Healing. If you have pain, in my case chronic pain since 1996, this is where you need to be. Come experience the exceptional skills of Dr. Krishna Bhat and Dr. Jasbir Dhaliwal and their multi-disciplinary approach to pain management. You'll be glad you did!

~ B.J.D

I could never ever say enough about Spine & Pain Associates. If ANYONE is in pain and is looking for a doctor who actually cares, treats you like a person, and will help you and thoroughly explain it all it’s Dr. Dhaliwal and his staff. If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to be a parent to my beautiful children. Thank you for Everything!!

~ K.D.

I suffered with neck, shoulder pain and migraines for years. I missed many days of "living" life because of them. Dr. Bhat started treating my migraines with Botox and my cervical pain with Radio Frequency Ablation. I can’t believe how much my pain has been reduced and my headaches went from 10-15 a month to maybe 3 a month. I have my life back!

~ M.L.

Dr. Dhaliwal is a born physician who cares deeply for his patients and clearly wishes to alleviate suffering and will take whatever time necessary to be thorough and sensitive in every way, carefully considering my overall health in all decisions. I cannot recommend him and his professional colleagues highly enough to anyone in pain of any kind for which he practices medicine.

~ E.L.

Dr. Bhat - I wanted to thank you for these wonderful, almost pain-free days. Next year I will have my 80th birthday; but, right now, I feel like I’m "going on 50". Life is good! Many, many thanks.

~ C.S.

It is wonderful to know that my needs are being attended to by a professional and a doctor who specializes in pain management. These are doctors fulfilling a real need in the treatment of chronic pain. I hope to continue to get better with the help of both Dr. Bhat and Dr. Dhaliwal. I am thrilled to have these caring physicians as my consultants as well as my friends.

~ B.L.

I've had the wonderful good fortune of finding Dr. Bhat four years ago. I'm 75 and I feel like an able-bodied person again. I love that he is personable, unhurried, and seeks out the best treatment for me. Dr. Bhat you have earned my complete trust!


"I have had pain in my lower back for over 20 years and have had different injections, but none helped until Dr. Dhaliwal introduced me to their injection procedure. He explained everything that no one else had ever taken the time to show me and how it works. It's different and it has worked for me. For the first time in years, I'm completely satisfied and almost pain free."


"I could never ever say enough about you all. You guys have become like a second family. Treated my family, not just me, with the utmost respect. When other doctors saw my age, you saw someone who battles with pain! I absolutely adore the staff. They are all very very sweet, caring and love to laugh. Now with Dr. Dhaliwal boy oh boy you have truly helped as much as you can. You have been a doctor who has not just helped me, but my entire family. I recommend the office to every single person I meet. If ANYONE is in pain and is looking for a doctor who actually cares, treats you like a person, and will help you and thoroughly explain it all, it's this office!!!! If it wasn't for you I wouldn't have had the opportunity to be a parent to my beautiful children......it's a long journey and it's definitely not over. But your stuck with me and thank you for everything!!!!! 5 stars is never enough".


A special thank you to Dr. Dhaliwal, Dr. Bhat and staff for all the loving kindness you show your patients.


Dr. Bhat - I am so very thankful that I have this spinal cord stimulator implant and that you helped me go through with getting it. I was so scared, but I'm so glad I got the implant. It has truly changed my life. I got married in May and not only did I wear high heels all day, but I danced all night! We went kayaking, hiking and cliff-diving on our honeymoon in Hawaii and I never would have done all of that without my implant. I workout all the time now and I never miss work because of pain anymore. I don't even take any medication. We are also expecting a baby soon as well. I am forever grateful for all the help you gave me and I feel like a new person now that I have this stimulator. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me get my life back!!

I'm a new patient here and I was nervous at first but eventually it felt like home. I was very pleased with the treatment. I was explained every step of the procedure. The hospitality and concerns were very warming.


These are the sweetest people....they listen and genuinely care. I'm so thankful for them and the staff is so kind and considerate.....When a doctor takes time to listen and care, it speaks volumes!!!!


From the moment I walked through the doors of Spine and Pain Associates, I knew I was in a different kind of practice. Each staff person I met was professional, personable, caring, and concerned...then in came Dr. Dhaliwal!  I can say, without reservation, Dr. Dhaliwal is what every doctor should be.   He took the time to get to know about me as a person, as well as time to discover and explain what was causing my pain. Treatment options were thoroughly explained and all my questions answered by Dr. Dhaliwal.  A treatment plan was established and now I am doing very well!

If you want a doctor a notch above the rest in every way, and an experience that will renew your faith in all that’s good about medicine, Spine and Pain Associates is the place for you...and will always be the place for me!

Thank you Dr. Dhaliwal and staff for your compassion and care!


January 17, 2020

About six months ago, my husband and I moved from Louisiana to Sanford, NC  to be near family.  My on-going back problems moved right along with me.

I first saw Dr. Jasbir Dhaliwal, pain management specialist, on a stat referral from my family physician due to intense pain in my back.  It was extremely difficult to even put one foot in front of the other without severe discomfort.  Never having met Dr. Dhaliwal, I was  not sure what to expect, and I was desperate for relief from severe pain.

After a number of visits, as well as seeing many doctors in the past, (as well as three previous spinal surgeries) for my back condition over the years, I am extremely blessed to find not only a very  knowledgeable and intelligent doctor, but also a doctor who courteously, kindly, and compassionately treats my condition which has increased my well-being by his most genuine attitude and care for myself as a patient, not just a faceless number.

In addition, his staff from office personnel to nurses is one of the finest I have ever experienced.  They are not only professional and efficient, but also truly friendly and helpful in all areas of service. To state it simply:  they care.  This, indeed, is good medicine which offers hope to the patient.

By my own choice this testimony is freely given in the hopes for others who suffer with physical pain to seek the services of  Spine & Pain Associates, PLLC so you, too, can "feel better, live better".

Harriet - Established Patient

I just wanted to say thank you for all that you are doing to help with my pain management. You have been very understanding and extremely quick to respond to any questions that I may have. I also wanted to let you know that your staff is exceptional as well." - JW


The staff is patient and friendly. Dr. Dhaliwal is very patient. I love how he takes you step by step and explains when he is doing a procedure.


I have nothing but positive remarks about Dusty and the entire staff. Very accommodating with scheduling procedures as well as monthly appointments.


Always had wonderful care with both Dusty and Dr. Dhaliwal. Both listen to me and are very attentive. Both are respectful and have understanding and compassion. Office staff have all been efficient and nice.

I love coming to this office. Kind and friendly staff. Dr. Bhat finds the source of my pain, not just covering up the symptoms.


I love this place. Everyone is great and very friendly.


This entire office is great. From the time you walk through the door until you check out. Very professional and friendly.


Great doctor, great staff and very compassionate. First pain doctor I've ever had that listens to me.


Always pleased with this office, from the front desk, the nurse and the check out. Have never had a doctor before who is willing to spend the time with me as Dr. Dhaliwal does. I don't just feel like a name and number. He makes me feel like a person and genuinely wants to help me. I recommend this office to anybody who needs help with pain.


Dr. Bhat and staff are so so awesome. I am amazing by Dr. Bhat's ability of perfection. He is a life saver. Pain relief after 2 years!!


Dr. Dhaliwal listens and clearly explains things. He found issues that had been over looked for over a year. Finally I have a plan.


Fabulous staff!!!! Fabulous experience all the way around. Thank you for everything.


Excellent, kind and professional care, providing great relief to my back since 2013. I drive an hour away for this exceptional care.


Very nice. Very knowledgeable of my condition and my concerns. Keep up the great work!


Professional but not over your head. Very compassionate in there office, timely in appointments. They call after your procedures to check on you as well.


Very nice office. Great staff and easy accessibility.


Dr. Dhaliwal is always wonderful and he has the best bedside manor. The staff are always so kind.


I've been to various pain management doctors and you guys are a step above everyone!  Keep doing what you are doing.


Very impressed with services provided. Excellent standard of care.


The staff and doctors are always professional and friendly. Dr. Bhat ensures that I am informed of my procedures and comfortable and at ease.


I followed Dr. Dhaliwal from over an hour away. He is the most caring doctor and listens to your concerns. So glad there is an office in Raleigh now.


Awesome doctors and they treat you like a real person. They always listen to my needs.


My chronic spine pain is much more manageable since seeing Dr. Bhat. He is excellent at giving spinal injections. his office runs so smoothly and my calls and questions are quickly answered.


The staff and doctors are very friendly and they really care about my pain. The doctors treat the source of my pain and do not just mask the pain.


Dr. Bhat is the absolute best. Keep doing what you are doing. Love you all!


Dr. Bhat has treated me like a real patient and all the staff are very friendly.


Could not ask for any better. Thank you all.


Anyone having pain issues should check out this practice. Very professional, helpful and considerate of patient's feelings. Very thorough and I did not feel rushed at all. The entire staff was very helpful and friendly.


Five stars out of five stars for this practice. Great staff and procedures that were very helpful for me.


Dr. Dhaliwal always tries to make me feel better and is always so sweet. Love all the staff.


Dr. Dhaliwal and Dr. Bhat are both so wonderful and caring. I am so happy that I met them. I get the better customer service from all the staff.


You will never go wrong with this practice. This group is simply amazing.


This office makes me feel like I am part of their family. Everyone always has a smile on their face and are so friendly.


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